Emergency center Bansko
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Emergency medical center Bansko

Attraction type: Public buildings
Address: 5 Victor Ugo Str., Bansko / 72 Tsar Simeon Str.
Phone: +359 7443 22 70
Mobile: 112

In case of emergency you need to call the national emergency number 112. On this phone you may contact the emergency medical center, police department, fire brigade, mountain rescue service. We hope that you won’t need those numbers during your vacation in Bansko Bulgaria, but you need to have them just in case.

  • 24/7 medical center phone +359 898778700
  • Pharmacy address: 13 Otets Paisiy Str. phone: +359888907920 (Violeta Terzieva)
  • Dentist address: 76 Tsar Simeon Str. phone: +359 889 300 360 (Aneta Yanchovichina)