Egypt escape room in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko
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Escape room The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Attraction type: Escape rooms
Address: Bansko,4-10 Kir Blago Todev St., Aparthotel Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax
Mobile: +359 876 333 222
Work time:

Monday - Sunday
15:00 - 22:00

Ancient Egypt………The hidden tomb of the Pharaoh guards his secrets for centuries. A curse lies upon those who dare to look inside the Keeper`s sarcophagus. Would you take part in 60 min adventure to reveal the large mystery of Ancient Egypt Escape room.

The Mysteries of Egypt is of the Escape rooms in which the guests of the best winter resort in Bulgaria – Bansko, can really have a good time. This exceptionally fun attraction will not only challenge your resourcefulness, logical and fast thinking; it will also make your winter holiday fun, different and unforgettable. Getting out of the room of riddles for only 60 minutes makes every visitor to carry in spirit into a parallel world that overcomes you in such a way that it makes you forget unhappiness and indulge in a true adventure. The escape room The Mysteries of Egypt is extremely suitable for entertainment of the whole family, children under 6 years old, team building or just a group of participants of different ages who after 60 minutes will fill closer to each other, more positive and more united and better friends. The game requires at least 2 participants and the maximum number of participants in a team is 6 people. After finishing the game, there is a free photo for each team to remember the exciting experience.

All you need to do is be curious and brave. We will take care of the rest.
BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE AT +359 876 333 222

Escape rooms are a hit attraction in Bansko which you can experience during the winter season from January until March and only at Aparthotel Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax – declared best mountain hotel for 2017. Besides The Mysteries of Egypt, the guests who are seeking some excitement and fascinating emotions can try to tackle the challenges of another escape room which will raise the adrenaline of anyone who dares to enter it – The Hacker’s Room.

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Escape room The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Price list

2 players - 70 BGN
3 players - 90 BGN
4 players - 110 BGN
5 players - 125 BGN
5+1 players - 125 BGN

Escape room The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Notes

For kids over 6 years old with adults.
Up to 6 players.