Paisiy Hilendarski monument Bansko
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Paisiy Hilendarski Monument Bansko

Attraction type: Monuments
Address: Vazrajdane square in Bansko

Paisiy Hilendarski monument is located on the Vazrajdane square in Bansko. It is supposed that the the place where the monument was erected is where Paisiy’s house was once located. The monument was created in 1976 by the sculptor Stoycho Todorov.

With Paisiy Hilendarski ideas for national self-awareness and liberation from Ottoman domination, this one and only work of the monk put the beginning of the Bulgarian National Revival. The monument and the Informational Center St Otets Paisiy are Bansko’s way to commemorate one of the greatest Bulgarian philosopher.

St Paisiy Hilendarski (St Paisius of Hilendar) is born in 1722 in the municipality of Samokov, most probably in Bansko. In 1745, when he is 23 years old, Paisiy goes to the Hilendar Monastery, where he became a monk and a hegumen (abbot). There for years he has been studying, researching and collecting materials for his master work – the History of Bulgarians, written from 1760 to 1762. He carried his books with himself so he can spread this knowledge among the Bulgarians.