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Municipality Bansko. Police department, medical center, tourists info center, train station, bus station.

Public buildings


Nikola Vaptsarov Community Center Bansko

Nikola Vaptsarov Community Center in the town of Bansko is the biggest cultural institution on the territory of Bansko Municipality. Established in 1894 and named ‘Selska Pochivka’ (Villagers’ Rest), nowadays the Community Center is a keeper of the book heritage, the traditions and customs of the locals. The Center library has around 50 000 books.

Nikola Vaptsarov Community Center Bansko map. How to get to Nikola Vaptsarov Community Center Bansko in Bansko
Bansko municipality building

Bansko Municipality

The building of the municipality of Bansko is located right at the very heart of the town at Nikola Vaptsarov Square. The municipality provides different kind of services for local citizens, companies and foreign tourists. Working hours of the administration: … Continued

Location: Nikola Vaptsarov Square, Bansko Bulgaria
Bansko Municipality map. How to get to Bansko Municipality in Bansko
Bansko Police Department

Bansko Police Department

The local police department in Bansko is located near the center of the town and right next to Glazne river.

Location: near Glazne river
Bansko Police Department map. How to get to Bansko Police Department in Bansko
Medical Center Bansko

Emergency medical center Bansko

In case of emergency you need to call the national emergency number 112. On this phone you may contact the emergency medical center, police department, fire brigade, mountain rescue service. We hope that you won’t need those numbers during your vacation in Bansko Bulgaria, but you need to have them just in case.

Location: Bansko Bulgaria
Emergency medical center Bansko map. How to get to Emergency medical center Bansko in Bansko
Tourist Information Office Bansko

Tourist Information Center Bansko

The Tourist Information Center in Bansko is located at the center of the town, near the Bansko municipality. The center is a government institution which organizes the participation of Bansko municipality in tourist expositions.

Location: City center
Tourist Information Center Bansko map. How to get to Tourist Information Center Bansko in Bansko
Bus station Bansko

Bansko Bus Station

If you do not have a car, the best way for you to travel to the nearby cities and to some of the bigger cities in Bulgaria is by bus. You will find Bansko bus station very easy. The station is located near the main entrance of the city (coming from Blagoevgrad). The bus station is small, but you have enough bus lines to travel everywhere you want in Bulgaria.

Location: North region
Bansko Bus Station map. How to get to Bansko Bus Station in Bansko
Railway station Bansko

Train Station

The train station in Bansko is small and provides train lines to just a few nearby cities like Dobrinishte, Razlog, Velingrad and Pazardjik.

Location: North region
Train Station map. How to get to Train Station in Bansko
Post office Bansko Bulgaria

Post Office

Despite the modern e-mail communications, many people still use the post offices to send mails and post cards to their loved ones.

Location: City center. Next to the main walking street in Bansko.
Post Office map. How to get to Post Office in Bansko