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Bansko ski zone & facilities - ski runs, cabin lift, etc.

Ski zone & Sport facilities in Bansko

Gondola lift Bansko

Gondola Lift Station

Gondola lift connects Bansko with Banderishka polyana. Up at Baderishka Poliana you can use ski slopes #1 and #2, there are tubing, restaurants, children’s play area and a soccer field.

Location: North region
Gondola Lift Station map. How to get to Gondola Lift Station in Bansko
Ski lifts in Bansko

Ski Lifts in Bansko

25 km of speedy and comfortable lifts at your disposal. 1 gondola lift, 6 four-seat chair lifts, 1 tree-seat chair lift, 3 anchor type tow lifts, 3 single tow lifts, 10 children draggier.

Location: Pirin Mountain
Ski Lifts in Bansko map. How to get to Ski Lifts in Bansko in Bansko

Ski rental center

The ski rental center in Bansko is located near the Gondola cabin lift in Bansko Bulgaria. Right next to the ski rental center there is a huge parking where you can park your car and take the lift for the ski zone and the ski tracks.

Location: Gondola cabin lift station
Ski rental center map. How to get to Ski rental center in Bansko