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Nightlife Sofia is a magical place a place of shadows, laugh,  music and fun. Especially in the summer people are gathering in the parks, in front of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) where there are many cafes working until the early hours of the morning or going across Vitosha Blvd. where there is the largest concentration of pubs, cafes, bars and night clubs in Sofia.

Sofia nightlife offers something for everybody - there are clubs playing all types of music, live bands, local and ethnic restaurants, cigar bars, casinos, 24/7 fast food, etc. You can just go out at 8 pm and dive deeply in the waters of the Sofia nightlife. Usually the party ends at the morning and you have been to at least 3-4 places and you've met at least 10 new people.

Most of the locals are easy going and very friendly to foreigners. They will gladly talk, dance and drink with you and help you spend a great night and after that you will never see them again. Sofia is a big city and meeting someone without a scheduled appointment is almost impossible. Unfortunately when drunk and happy nobody is thinking about exchanging phone numbers. So you get to meet new and new people every day and you have fun with them just like they are your friends. That is what makes Sofia's nightlife such a great experience.