Bansko mehana restaurant
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House Dedo Pene

Bulgarian Traditional Restaurant. B&B since 1820!
Address: 1 Aleksandar Buynov Str, 2770 Bansko, Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 749 88348
Mobile: +359 888 795 970
Fax: +359 749 82223
Work time:

Monday - Sunday
9:00 - 23:00

You`re always wanted to eat, drink and to have fun at an Inn like this!

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The house was built back in 1820 by the family of Nikola and Kerafina Pumpalovi from Bansko and in the past it used to be an inn. It was named after the son of the young family, Petar (Pene in the dialect of Bansko), and this is what it is still called today.

In 1992, one of Dedo Pene’s third-generation descendants, Lyuben, put his heart into reviving the ancestral tradition.

With its unique architecture as being so close to beautiful natural environment, nowadays Dedo Pene offers professional service, traditional Bulgarian cuisine and warm hospitability.

Lovers of authentic and organic cuisine will appreciate our rich menu, including some of the finest regional specialties:  Kapama – a delicious pot-cooked combination of various meats and spices, rice and sauerkraut; Chomlek – spiced-up beef shank stewed in wine with new potatoes, garlic and carrots; the famous local cured-meat delicacy called Banski Starets & Banski but; Roast Lamb; Kavarma – a stew of different meats, usually pork and beef, toss-fried and then stewed in white wine with leeks, onions, peppers and mushrooms; Lyutenitsa – the delectable roast pepper and tomato relish; the traditional garlic and aubergine dip, called Kyopoolu; the mouthwatering desserts, organic sheep yoghurt garnished with homemade forest-fruit jam and more…

The tavern offers an array of wines. Here you will find only the topmost quality wine from the best wine producing regions in Bulgaria. Exclusively for the guests of Dedo Pene, there is a special surprise – the unique house wine which cannot be found on the market.

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