Buying a property in Bansko

Pirin_Golf_Hotel_Bansko Bansko is the biggest and most attractive mountain resorts in Bulgaria.  And after a multimillion euro investment, during the past few years, Bansko has been developed as the best and most modern ski resort in Bulgaria and one of the top 20 ski resorts in Europe. The town is situated at the foot of Pirin Mountain, 160 km away from Sofia.

Bansko is a small and cozy town where many new buildings and luxury hotels are next to traditional houses – examples of the architecture of the 19th century. A town where nature, old times and modern luxury are mixed together in a way that takes your breath away.

For a few years since 2005 Bansko was a boom town as buyers from all over the world rushed to buy their own piece of real estate in this picturesque ski resort. This pushed the prices up fairly quickly and many new buildings and apart hotels were built at that time. Most of the new developments were apartments many of which were built in impressive locations with stunning views of Pirin Mountains. All properties in Bansko are situated near the ski runs and you can get there in less than 15 minutes. Rental guarantees are offered by many developers which made buying a property in Bansko an excellent investment opportunity.

In 2009 Bulgaria also suffered the effect of the world economy slow-down, and the property prices in Bansko felt by almost 40%. From one of the most expensive places to buy property in Bulgaria, Bansko has turned into an affordable place where you can buy and apartment for as low as 15 000 EUR.  During the recession, building of new developments has dwindled or even stopped in some cases making the acquisition of a key ready property much more attractive.

With property prices at their minimum levels, which can only go up, economy that is going up, some of the best ski facilities in Europe and huge interest in the resort we can conclude that this is the best time to buy a property in Bansko.

You can buy the property directly from the developer or you can hire a real estate agency to find a property as per your requirements – location, size, price range, amenities, etc. Buying a property from the developer is relatively safe, but when buying from apartment owner it might be a good idea to hire a professional real estate agency to check on all documents, run all the checks needed with the local authorities and make sure the deal goes smoothly.