Cultural calendar

обс-банско The Municipality of Bansko strives to position the town as a cultural travel destination. That is why the cultural calendar of Bansko is filled with many events that take place during all seasons. There are many concerts and festivals during the summer, the opening of the winter season; traditional holidays are also celebrated throughout the city.

The town of Bansko is a host of an annual jazz festival. It is conducted on the central square in the month of August. The admission for the concerts is free. During the festival the town livens up by the thousands of guests and admirers of jazz music. Bansko celebrates its city day at October 5th and this marks the start of the active tourist season.

Here are some of the most important dates in the cultural calendar of Bansko:

  • Jan 1st – New Year celebrations Folk Concert & Kuker rituals
  • Feb 1st – Winemakers day
  • Feb 14th – Trifon Zarezan (Wine celebration)
  • Feb 25th – Celebrating the Bansko appetizers and red wine
  • February – Ice sculptures contest “Fire of Ice”
  • March 1st – Bulgarian Martenitza day
  • April 18 – 24 – Forest week
  • May 17-23 Celebrating the Bansko tradition
  • May 24 Folklore festival “Between 3 mountains”
  • June 01-04 – “Green week” dedicated to the World Environment day
  • July 1st – Summer theater celebrations
  • July 01-07 – Summer theater festival
  • Aug 8 – 13 – Bansko Jazz Festival
  • Sept 6th – Bulgaria Unification
  • Sept 22nd The independence day
  • September – Pirin Folk International festival
  • Oct 5th – Bansko city’s day
  • November – International Art Festival “Morning Star”
  • Dec 7th – “Guitar poets” concert-recital dedicated to Nikola Vaptsarov
  • Dec 24th – Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25th – Christmas
  • Dec 31st – New Year Evening