Going out in Bansko

spa-hotel-astera-bansko Bansko is not only about skiing. Bansko is the place where you can enjoy full-scale fun during the evenings. There are hundreds of bars, night clubs, cafes and local restaurants.

The local traditional taverns, called “mehana” are designed in typical Bulgarian style from the 19th century and most of the time they have live music to entertain their guests. They offer wide range of wine and Rakia (national Bulgarian alcoholic drink) and dishes from the region of Bansko. Among the local specialties are: Kapama, Chomlek, Bansko Kebap, Sache, Banski Starets, etc.

You can check where to go out in Bansko for a big night out by checking the menu above or by clicking at one of the following links: Bulgarian traditional restaurants, Italian restaurants & pizza, classic restaurants, BBQ & Grill, Discos in Bansko, Nightclubs in Bansko, Pubs, Bars, Casinos and Strip clubs in Bansko.

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The typical going out in Bansko includes a dinner in “mehana”, a few drinks in a bar and then dancing in one of the many night clubs. The night clubs usually work until the morning. There are no government regulations and the clubs are open until there are people inside.

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The people of Bansko are famous with their hospitality and friendliness and you will definitely remember the time spent here.