Near Bansko

2_razlog_lake There are many interesting sites in the region of Bansko. We will start with the towns and villages in the municipality of Bansko. There are total of 6 villages that are near: Mesta, Filipovo, Kremen, Obidim, Osenovo, and Gostun. The towns of Dobrinishte and Razlog are also situated near Bansko.

Razlog is a beautiful small town 16 km away with a nice artificial lake and island. You can enjoy some beautiful sights, tasty food, some water bicycle riding, etc. One of the most modern golf courses in the country, Pirin Golf & SPA functions in the region of Razlog. It has one 9 holes course and one 18 holes course designed by Ian Woosnam. This golf course encapsulates what it means to play golf in the mountains. The golf course takes you on an adventure through the rough and rugged terrain, which is designed to excite and challenge golfers of all levels.

The town of Dobrinishte is also popular destination among the tourists. The town is famous by its warm mineral water swimming pool and the thermal mineral springs. That is why there are many SPA Hotels in Dobrinishte providing modern spa procedures. The town also wants to develop the ski tourism and they also have ski runs and cabin lift.

The town of Belitsa is situated at a distance of 20 km north from Bansko. There is a park for adaptation of dancing bears in close proximity to it. As possession of a wild animal is forbidden by the Bulgarian law, many dancing bears were confiscated and now they are put in a special park looking like their natural environment as they cannot be released as they have not take care of themselves.

Bansko falls into the territory of the National Park Pirin, which makes it an appropriate place for winter and summer tourism. The town is a starting point for tourist routes to the following huts: Banderitsa, near which is situated the Baykusheva Mura (a white fir – the oldest tree in Bulgaria – more than 1300 years old), Demyanitsa, Vihren, as well as the shelter of Tevno lake, etc.

There are multiple protected sites in the park. The routes with varying levels of difficulty are available for people of all ages. You can learn more in the Visitors Information Center of the National Park Pirin, which is situated in the town of Bansko.