Weather in Bansko

Winter is sunny but cold due to the high altitude of Bansko Bansko Guide provides weather information and climate history for the town of Bansko.  You can find skiing weather forecasts, snow reports and snow forecasts on other weather sites. Here you can see the current weather in Bansko (upper right-hand corner) and what you can expect from the weather in Bansko throughout the year.

The winters in Bansko are long with snow cover lasting from December until the end of April and sometimes until May. The summer months are warm and sunny and the spring and autumn seasons are short and very pleasant.  The climate in Bansko is temperate itself, with a mountain climate found further up the slopes.

The winter weather is cold due to the town location in the mountains and the high altitude 925 m above the sea level. The average temperatures in November are about 9°C, and the winter begins in December when temperatures drop closer to 0°C. Temperatures can fall as low as -10°C in the coldest months – December and January.

Snowfall begins in December with occasional heavy snow, usually during the night when the temperatures are lower. Snow can be expected from December to April and the snow coverage of the slopes lasts for the same period. In March and April the temperatures rise above 10°C, but the snow remains on the slopes and snowfall is common.  The coverage is particularly deep on the northern faces of the higher peaks. That is why Bansko has an excellent snow record and snow cannons ensure that coverage is good throughout the season.

The spring in Bansko is short and lasts from mid April to the end of May. Sunny conditions can be expected in both months; the temperatures are pleasant and regularly reach the mid-teens and are cooler at higher altitudes.

Summer lasts from June to September, and can be extremely warm.  The temperatures are influenced by the warm air from the Aegean Sea. Temperatures peak is in July and August with average of 27°C, and daytime temperatures can reach 32°C. The tourists can expect plenty of sunshine, with 8 or 9 hours of sunshine during June, July and August. Rainfall is fairly low during summer, especially in August. September is cooler, but averages a very pleasant 23°C.

A brief autumn in October and early-November brings cooler temperatures and higher rainfall. Temperatures fall to the mid-teens in October, dropping to around 10°C in early November. Rainfall rises considerably during October to 32mm, although this is still fairly low for a temperate climate. Snow occasionally falls in November, and winter arrives towards the end of the month.


Winter is the skiing season in Bansko
Spring provides excellent hiking opportunities
Bansko during the summer
Autumn in Bansko