Cultural calendar Bansko 2024

The Cultural Calendar of Bansko for 2024 promises an exciting array of events and festivities that showcase the rich cultural heritage of this charming town nestled in the Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria. From traditional folklore celebrations to modern art exhibitions, Bansko’s cultural calendar is brimming with diverse offerings for locals and visitors alike.

The Cultural Calendar of Bansko for 2024 promises a diverse and dynamic lineup of events that celebrate the town’s rich cultural heritage. From traditional folklore festivals to contemporary art exhibitions, Bansko offers something for everyone to enjoy and experience. Whether you’re a music lover, art enthusiast, or simply curious about Bulgarian culture, Bansko’s cultural calendar invites you to explore, engage, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of this charming mountain town.

DATEPLACECultural event
January 1stCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Traditional kuker holiday
January 19thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”The performance “Bulgarian literature in brief
January 21stCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Maternity Assistance Day – “Babinden”
January 21stCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”The stars of the Bulgarian circus
January 27Tourist Information CenterTraveling cinema:14:00 – Masha and The Bear
15:20 – Wonka
17:20 – Aquamen 2
19:20 – The Beekeeper
FebruariCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebrating 125  years from the birth of Erich Kästner
Februari  10- 11Banderishka meadowStart of the Alpine ski world cup – men
February 14thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Themed evening of wine and love
February 19thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebrating the 151th anniversary of the death of Vasil Levski
March 1stCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Welcoming Baba Marta11:00
March 3rdCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Museum complexCelebration of 146 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria fromOttoman yoke the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria
March 8thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebration of International Women’s Day – The performance “The Seven Lives of Leia “18:00 pm
March 22ndCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov” – Librarylyrical reading dedicated to the Day of Spring
March 30th – April 4thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”“Morning Star” International Art camp Festival
April 2-23Community center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Children’s Book Month
April 11thFilipovo squareCelebrating Ramazan Bayram
April 19th – 20thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”“Mountain Pearls” Children’s Arts Festival
April 23rdCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov” – LibraryCelebrating 460 years from the birth of William Shakespeare
April 28thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”“Flowers for Palm Sunday” – festive concert on the occasion of Palm Sunday
May– 90 yearssince the death of Serafim Ivanov Boqnov ( 1863-1934) – folklorist- 150years from the birth Dimitar G. Molerov ( 1874-1961)
– 145 years from the birth professor Konstantin Stefanov
MayMuseum complexEuropean Night of Museums
May 2ndVelyanova House MuseumMaundy Thursday: “Bread is mixed with the sun” – Folk tradition on Easter – to know, to remember, to pass on: kneading ritual bread and dyeing Easter eggs with natural dyes.
May 5thCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Festive concert “It’s Easter!”
May 6thIndependence SquareDobrinishteSaint George’s Day celebration inDobrinishte
May 9thCelebration of Victory Day and Europe Day
May 11thCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Vintage car parade
May 11thSquare “Vazrazhdane
Community center “Nicola Vaptsarov” – Library
Celebration of the Day of theHoly  brothers Cyril and MethodiusLibrary volunteers – students helping the librarian
May 18thMuseum complexInternational Museum Day
May 20thCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebrating World Bee Day
May 24thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of Slavic literature Day of the national community centers
May 24thCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Official sending off of high school graduates in the city
June – augustCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Craft Fair
JuneCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”School bands festival
JuneKremenPerformance of a musical program on “Petrovden”
June 1stCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Museum complexTourist Information Center“Children’s World” – events dedicated to Children’s Day.Children’s kingdom in the museum
June 2ndCentral square “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebration of the Day of Botev and those who died for the freedom and independence of Bulgaria.A joint event of the Municipality of Bansko, “Nikola Vaptsarov” Community Center and the Museum Complex
June 19thCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Celebrating 302 years from the birth of St. Paisius of Hilendar
June 19th FilipovoKurban Bayram
June 23thPirin National Park“Pirin Run” – mountain running and cycling competition
June 23rd – 30Community Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Tourist Information CenterBansko nomad fest
June 24th – 25thIndependence SquareDobrinishteFirst National Dance Festival “AZAT 2024”
JuneThe old barracks, BanskoThree MountainsHard Enduro Banskomotorcycle race
June 28th – September 21thTourist Information CenterCultural evenings “Traditions and Art”
July – АugustIndependence SquareDobrinishteInternational folklore series “Dobrinish summer 2024”
JulyCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”“Festival summer Bansko 2024” – concert of artistic ensembles and performers at the community center “Nikola Vaptsarov”
JulyCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Summer opera evening in the open
July“N. Vaptsarov”Central squarePirin Rock evenings
JulyChurch”St. Nikolay the Miracleworker”Kremen villageAll-village Kurban for Ilinden
JulyCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Folk Festival
July 23Central square”N. Vaptsarov”Museum complexCelebration of 82 years since the execution of Nikola Vaptsarov
– 85  yearssince the death of Yonko Vaptsarov (1881-1939)
-55 years since the death of Elena Vaptsarova (1882- 1969)
JulyCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Summer movie mania under the stars
Augusthut Gotse DelchevTraditional assembly
AugustCommunity Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Concert of the school of music of Marin Berdarev
AugustCommunity Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Museum complexCelebrating 121 years since the outbreak of the Ilinden-Preobrazhen-Krastovden Uprising155 years from the birthRadon Tode (1869-1903)115 years since the death of Hadji Kandit Dagaradin(1830-1909)145 years the death of Banio Marino Bratanov (1853-1879)
August 3-10Central square”N. Vaptsarov”Bansko Jazz Festival
20:00 pm.
AugustCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Days of Bulgarian Cinema – outdoor screenings
AugustCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”“Bansko Opera Fest”
septemberCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”231 years since the birth of Neofit Rilski
SeptemberCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Culinary day “Unique Bansko”
September 6Monument “Monument Bansko remembers the heroes”Celebration of the 139th anniversary of the Union of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia.A joint event of the Municipality of Bansko, community center “NikolaVaptsarov” and Museum complex
September 21stIndependence SquareDobrinishteVI International Festival for Dance Clubs “Sharena Stomna 2024”
September 21-23Central square”N. Vaptsarov”Pirin Ultra 2024 – mountain ultramarathon
September 22ndMonument “Bansko remembers the heroes”Independence SquareDobrinishteCelebration of the 116 years since the declaration of the independence of Bulgariaholiday of the city of Dobrinishte
October 1stCommunity center “Nicola Vaptsarov”Opening of the new creative season at the Nikola Vaptsarov community center
October 1-5Central square”N. Vaptsarov”Joint event of the Municipality of Bansko, community center “Nikola Vaptsarov” and Museum complexCelebrations on the occasion of the holiday of the city of Bansko October 5 – 112 years since the Liberation of Bansko from Ottoman rule;a meeting with the multi-faceted creator Georgi Malchev
NovemberMuseum complex230 years since the birth of Neofit Rilski-115 years since the death of Usta Gligor Doyuv (1810-1839 )-125 years since the death of Lazar Glushkov, builder,revivalist ( 1804-1899)-180  years since the birth  Georgi Simeonov Molerov (1844-1876)-210 years since the birth   Todor Hadziradonov
1 NovemberCommunity Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Celebrating the Day of the People’s Alarm Clocks, a joint event of the Municipality of Bansko, community center “Nikola Vaptsarov”, museum complexes, schools in the city of Bansko.
November 21Community Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Celebration of the Day of the Christian Family
November 20- 24Community Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Bansko Film Fest – International Festival of mountaineering and extreme cinema
27 November 1 DecemberCommunity Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”“Morning Star” International Art Festival
DecemberCommunity Center “Nikola Vaptsarov”Open lesson dedicated to creativity of Elin Pelin
DecemberKremenConducting a Kurban at the church of St. Nikolay, village of Kremen – church holiday
  December 6thCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Switching on the Christmas lights
December 7Museum complexCelebration of 115 years since the birth of Nikola Vaptsarov.A joint event of the Municipality of Bansko, “Nikola Vaptsarov” Community Center and the Museum Complex
DecemberBanderishka meadowCentral square”N. Vaptsarov”Opening of the 2024/2025 winter season
December“Nezavisimost” Square, DobrinishteFestival of the Dobrinishka Kapama
December 5-25“Nikola Vaptsarov” Community CenterTraditional winter holidays, Christmas celebrations and New Year’s concerts – productions of the classes in the schools at the “Nikola Vaptsarov” community center
December 31Central square”N. Vaptsarov”Festive concert on New Year’s Eve 

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