Horse riding near Bansko

Tourists eager to indulge in the delights of horse riding in Bansko have the choice between traversing varied terrains or embarking on leisurely tourist trips that meander through the majestic Pirin Mountains. It’s worth noting that all companies offering excursions within the Bansko area incorporate horse riding into their packages.

Rusaliite Horse Riding Club

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For beginners venturing into the world of horse riding, rest assured that a serene and confident instructor will accompany you every step of the way, guiding the horse and ensuring your safety throughout the experience.

Seasoned riders, on the other hand, are presented with a plethora of challenges, from navigating rugged terrains to crossing rivers and exploring complex forest trails. With the guidance of expert instructors intimately acquainted with the mountainous terrain, riders are in for an exhilarating journey.

Nature rides can range from several hours to multi-day treks, with options for overnight stays in forest lodges or cottages for those venturing into more distant locales. Regardless of the duration or complexity of the ride, participants are guaranteed an immersive experience amidst the pristine beauty of the mountains.

Lessons encompass a wide range of activities, including free rides, obstacle courses, and racing courses tailored to both beginners and advanced riders.

The club boasts an expansive 8-acre grassed and fenced arena where lessons are conducted, offering riders the freedom to ride independently or under the guidance of skilled instructors. The arena is equipped with various facilities and obstacles catering to different equestrian disciplines.

Nothing quite compares to the sheer pleasure of horse riding in the mountains – the crisp mountain air, stunning vistas, and the serene rhythm of the horse’s gait as you gallop through verdant meadows and clear streams, all amidst the secrets of ancient forests.

Dvorene Horse Stables

Situated near Bansko, the Dvorene Horse Stables is home to the largest herd of Haflinger horses in the region, renowned for their short stature, elegant features, and gentle temperament. Suitable for riders of all skill levels, Haflinger horses offer a delightful riding experience amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Peri Volas Horse Base

Located just 6 kilometers from Razlog, Peri Volas Horse Base boasts a diverse collection of 18 horses, with 10 available for riding and lessons. Led by professional instructors, the base offers a wide range of activities, including tourist, sport, and therapeutic riding experiences. Visitors can also enjoy cart and carriage rides, guided walks, and seasonal activities such as winter sleigh rides.

With trails passing through captivating cultural and natural sites, riders have the option of shorter excursions lasting half an hour to an hour, or full-day adventures that immerse them in the beauty of the Bansko region.

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