Audi FIS Ski World Cup Bansko 2024

The Pirin Mountain resort Bansko has become a regular venue for FIS World Cup events. Consistently recognized at the World Ski Awards in Kitzbühel for several consecutive years, Bansko has solidified its status as a preferred destination for top-tier international winter sports competitions. Nestled amidst the breathtaking Pirin Mountain range, …

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Pirin national park

Pirin Mountain Near Bansko

Pirin National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southwestern Bulgaria, near the town of Bansko. It encompasses an area of around 403 square kilometers (156 square miles) and is characterized by its stunning natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and rich biodiversity. Mountains The park is dominated by the …

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Rafting Adventures near Bansko

Bansko isn’t just a haven for winter sports enthusiasts; it’s also a gateway to thrilling outdoor adventures during the warmer months. Among these exhilarating activities is rafting, an adrenaline-fueled pursuit that promises unforgettable experiences on the rushing waters of nearby rivers. Here’s everything you need to know about rafting near …

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Thrilling Paintball battles in Bansko

Amidst the stunning landscapes of Bansko, one of the most sought-after summer activities awaits paintball. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-fueled excitement with friends or looking to strengthen team bonds, Bansko offers the perfect setting for exhilarating paintball experiences. Engage in Heart-Pounding Paintball Battles Paintball enthusiasts can partake in thrilling battles amidst …

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Horse riding near Bansko

Horse riding Bansko

Tourists eager to indulge in the delights of horse riding in Bansko have the choice between traversing varied terrains or embarking on leisurely tourist trips that meander through the majestic Pirin Mountains. It’s worth noting that all companies offering excursions within the Bansko area incorporate horse riding into their packages. …

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Traveling from Sofia to Bansko by Bus

Bus to Bansko

For travelers seeking an accessible and comfortable way to reach Bansko from Sofia, the option of traveling by bus provides a convenient and scenic journey. This guide is dedicated to assisting foreign tourists in navigating their route from Sofia to Bansko via bus, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. …

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How to Reach Bansko by Train

To Bansko by train

For travelers arriving in Sofia by air and seeking an efficient and cost-effective means to reach Bansko, the picturesque ski resort nestled in the Pirin Mountains, the train offers a convenient option. This guide is tailored to assist foreign tourists in navigating their journey from Sofia Airport to Bansko via …

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Guided hiking tours

Bansko, nestled in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountains, offers thrilling guided hiking tours that immerse adventurers in the region’s diverse landscapes. From verdant valleys to rugged peaks, these tours provide an opportunity to explore nature’s splendor under the expert guidance of seasoned professionals. However, prioritizing safety is paramount to ensure a memorable …

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Mountain biking adventures

Mountain biking

Bansko Municipality, in a bid to enhance outdoor recreation, has recently unveiled a brand-new bike lane as part of the “Establishment of Cross-Border Cultural Cooperation” project. Stretching 2250 meters from Bansko to the St. Nikola archaeological complex, this cycling route offers enthusiasts a thrilling journey through captivating landscapes and historical …

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